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Tree Stump Grinding

This is the most practical way of removing stumps. Access to the stump can be problematic due to location of stump and surrounding structures. The stump is ground up into a mulch-like consistency and raked back into the hole. For an additional charge the grindings can be hauled away. Surface roots are also an additional charge to remove. Our certified Arborist will go over this with you at the time the estimate is given.

Grind/Remove the Stump: Now or Later

It depends on what season you're doing the tree removal. If it's winter or early spring time, we recommend that you schedule the stump grinding for spring planting time. If you remove the stump, rain and/or snow will wash away the broken-up topsoil around where the stump was taken out and could muddy up your driveway, sidewalk or pedestrian sidewalks nearby.

Don't Forget to Include Surface Roots Removal

Other tree service companies may not include the removal of “surface roots” around the trunk. If you have a tree with big, snarly roots sticking out of the ground and you don't include them in the removal process, you're going to have a problem with spring planting of grass seeds.

Surface roots can take up a five-foot diameter or more around the stump. So that's a larger area of disruption, more like a crater if left open to the elements before spring planting and a potential safety hazard. We recommend removal of the wood chips/grindings in spring when it's time to plant grass seeds.

Spring Grass Planting Tip

Make sure all the wood chips/grindings are removed before the landscaping company comes in with topsoil. If there is a layer left underneath the topsoil and seeds, your lawn may sink later and leave a dip in your lawn.