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Tree Pruning & Restoration

Our ISA Certified Arborist on staff says, "If you're just pruning a tree to be pleasing to the eye, you may be doing something to the tree that shouldn't be done. There is a science to tree pruning. It's not just a shape."

Our crews do not use spikes, hooks or gafts to climb on live trees. PERIOD.

Crown Cleaning - Selective removal of deadwood, diseased, broken or weakly attached branches

This process takes the dead wood out – the stubs and interior growth, dying and diseased wood from the tree's crown. That includes removing any tree limbs that are crisscrossed, rubbing or weakened.

Crown Thinning – Includes crown cleaning as well as selective removal of interior branches to increase light penetration and air movement through the crown

Thinning in the top of a tree crown reduces the wind sail thereby lessening the chance of wind damage. Other pruning may be needed:

  • Outer Weight Reduction – To remove limbs that are too heavy
  • Elevation or Crown Raising – Removing the lower limbs/branches to provide improved clearance
  • Pruning branches back from structures
  • Crown Reduction – Reducing the size or height of the crown.  Should be done on ornamental or other woody types of plant material